Sunday 1 Aug 2021
Bank Mellat Supports Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah
 In line with conservation of Asiatic cheetahs, Bank Mellat has initiated a plan to distribute books and posters raising awareness on this species which is on the verge of extinction.
Following its previous measures taken in regard to environmental protection, Bank Mellat has now embarked on saving Asiatic cheetahs, putting it high on its agenda, by distributing books and posters with the aim to raise public awareness, Bank Mellat Public Relations reports.
According to this report, the total population of cheetahs is estimated to be less than 70 individuals throughout Asia all of which survive only in Iran and so the life of this endangered species depends much on the behavior of Iranians.
Also in keeping with its social responsibilities and activities on environmental protection, Bank Mellat participated in the 15th International Environment Exhibition to manifest its appreciation of the contributions of conservation officers and to support the conservation of critically endangered species. 

Saturday 26 Nov 2016
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