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Savings Account

Savings Account


Gharzolhassaneh Savings Accounts are one of Bank Mellat Gharzolhassaneh Accounts. These accounts bear no interest, but the owners of these accounts can enjoy thousands of valuable bonuses in a festival of these accounts. One point is given to the owners of these accounts, for every Rials 200,000 per day maintained with the Bank. 
- Ordinary gharzolhassaneh savings account,
- Keshavarzi gharzolhassaneh savings account.
- Gharzolhassaneh savings account for young adults,

Documents and Conditions Needed for Opening Gharzolhassaneh Savings Account 

Our valued customers can refer to one of the branches of Bank Mellat, present required documents as listed below, complete the special forms and deposit an anticipated minimum amount, and open Gharzolhassaneh savings account.
1. The customer must be at least 12 years old,
In this case, in order to withdraw from the account, the holder must be 15 years old. 
2. Presenting original and copies of the applicant’s ID card and national ID card of the account opener,
3. Completing the bank’s forms,
4. The minimum amount required to open the account is Rls. 50,000 and for the account to be participated in Gharzolhassaneh Savings Acounts Festival is Rls. 20,000.
5. A mother may open a gharzolhassaneh savings account for her minor child and as long as the child is not 18 years old, the mother is the only person with the right to withdraw money from the said account.

The Mechanism to Score Gharzolhassaneh Savings Deposits for Participating in the festival

Each year, in order to encourage the holders of Gharzolhassaneh Savings Account for carrying out the God-pleasing act of Gharzolhassaneh, bank mellat grants precious rewards, including cash and noncash. In this context, this bank has designed the scoring system of these accounts as the first state bank.
The scoring method in bank mellat is as follows: For every Rls. 200,000 rials of credit balance per day, one point is given to the depositor during the festival period, which is usually one year.
e.g.: if a person has deposited an amount of Rls. 1,000,000 from the beginning up to the end of the year, he will receive a score of 1825 (5 points per day), as a result with the increase of credit balance in the account over the festival period, he will increase his chance to be chosen as the winner.

Conditions for Participating in the festival and Granting Rewards 

1. The amount of Rls. 200,000 is kept in the customer’s account for 3 consecutive months (90 days) during the festival period.
2. Increasing the account balance on the final deadline for opening the account or completing the balance, for Rls. 200,000 for those customers who do not maintain the conditions set forth in Para. 1 above. It is obvious that the said amount must be kept in the account for 3 consecutive months (90 days).

Special Services for Gharzolhassaneh Savings Account: 

All services of mellat electronic current accounts including internet banking, telephone bank mobile bank and SMS bank (except the service related to checks) are provided for holders of Gharzolhassaneh Savings Account.