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Foreign Currency Deposits

Foreign Currency Deposits


In line with presenting modern and quality banking services to our dear compatriots at the international level and with an approach on the importance of international banking operations in today’s world, Bank Mellat hereunder introduces some of its foreign exchange services, presented throughout this bank.
By applying international banking standards and using modern technologies, while moving in the path of electronic banking, Bank Mellat has focused on presenting a full range of foreign exchange services in order to fulfill its important role in this industry. Bank Mellat is also ready to present all foreign exchange services in its FOREX Branches in order to facilitate the trading in line with macro policies of the government for development of non-oil exports

Foreign Exchange Savings Gharzolhassaneh Account 

After referring to one of the Forex Branches, the valued customers applying for opening foreign exchange gharzolhassaneh account, can open foreign exchange savings gharzolhassaneh account.
Documents and Conditions for Opening Foreign Exchange Savings Gharzolhassaneh Account 
1. Presenting the original ID card and a copy,
2. Completing account opening form,
- Please note that the minimum balance of the account for participating in Savings Gharzolhassaneh Account festival, will be 50 Euros or its equivalent in other foreign currencies.
- When exchanging foreign currencies to Iranian currency (Rials), the holders of foreign exchange gharzolhassaneh account, are exempt from paying commission.

Foreign Exchange Current Account 

Foreign exchange current account is one of the various types of Bank Mellat Gharzolhassaneh Account, opened for applicants including natural and legal persons in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations. The holder of the account issues the order for payment of funds deposited to his/her account. Natural and legal persons may open the following accounts:
The account can be opened for:
1. Iranian natural persons,
2. Foreign natural persons,
3. Joint accounts
4. Iranian legal persons,
5. Foreign legal persons,
6. Iranian and foreign banks

Documents and Conditions for Opening Gharzolhassaneh Current Account 

Applicants for opening foreign exchange current account in Bank Mellat, including natural and legal persons, can open foreign currency current account if they are qualified to open domestic currency current account in Bank Mellat and upon presentation of the following documents and completing the special forms and current account opening form and a reference (one who is known to Mellat Bank). 

Conditions and Documents for Opening the Account 

The applicant must:
1. be at least 18 years old.
2. be a literate person, able to read and write,
3. have reference: for foreign natural persons, the reference could be one of the customers of the bank or a person who is known to the manager of the bank branch and/or a letter of reference fro one of the state organizations and embassies of the respective country, indicating the identification and approval of such persons, along with the original and a copy of the passport and residence permit in Iran,
4. must not be deprived from opening current account in domestic and foreign currencies,
5. the ID card, bearing the holder’s photo, and a copy thereof,
6. the company’s articles of association, certificate of incorporation and the notice of establishment and the latest notices of changes in the official gazettes regarding the legal entities,
Note:Opening current account for agency offices of foreign banks and companies, registered in Iran, is the same as Iranian companies.
When exchanging foreign currency to Iranian Rials, the holders of foreign currency gharzolhassaneh current account are exempted from paying commission.

Short Term& Term Investment Deposits in Foreign Currency 

The valued customers of Bank Mellat, who intend to apply for opening foreign currency term deposit accounts, must refer to one of FOREX branches of Bank Melalt, present the required documents, and also complete and sign the forms and papers. 
In order to open the account, the applicant must:
1. be 18 years old,
2. present the original and a copy of his/her ID card,
3. open a foreign currency account at the same currency with the opening branch for deposit of interest,
4. the interest of foreign currency term deposits will be payable in the respective foreign currency on the due dates,

Special Short Term Investment Deposit Account in Foreign Currency 

Minimum acceptable amount for opening and balance of special short term investment deposit account in various currencies is as follows:
200 Euros, 300 CAD, 200 GBP, 50,000 JPY, 500 SFr., 2,000 AED, and 2,000 Saudi Riyal (SR),
The on-account interest payable to special short term investment deposit account in foreign currency shall be calculated on daily basis and taking into account the minimum balance of each day and deposited to the same account at the end of each calendar month as the last turnover of the account.