Sunday 26 May 2024Fa
Mellat Telephone Banking

Mellat Telephone Bank offers the following serives:

- Announces the balance and the last three movements of the accounts,
- You may inquire the status of your checks, 
- Bank statements may be sent via Fax
- You can change your password,
- All bills may be paid throughout the country,
- Unlimited money transfer (only to other accounts of the client)
- Card services (announcing the balance of the card, the last three movements of the card, inactivating the card, inactivating the connection between Mellat Card and JAAM account, sending facsimiles with the last 30 movements of Mellat Access Card, payment of bills via Mellat Access Card)
- Request for issuing a 25 sheet checkbook,
- Inquiring the status of participation bonds,
- Confirming the amount of check,
- Cancelling the confirmation of the amount of check,
- Reporting the debit balance of loans,
- Repayment of the outstanding balance of loans, 
- Sending loan debit statements via fax,
- Inactivating online money transfer,
- Inactivating mobile banking system,
- Announcing the interest rates paid to deposits,
- Creating IBAN,