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(Current Account (JAAM


Mellat Electronic Current Account (known as JAAM “جام in Farsi”) is an interest-free account, and all the checks drawn up on this account, when presented to the bank, are honored at all branches throughout the country in case there is enough fund in the account. All funds deposited add up to the balance of the account at the time of deposit; therefore, the holder of a JAAM account will have quick access to the money upon its deposit.

JAAM services available to our valued customers nationwide:

- Open accounts for natural (personal or joint) entities, legal entities, state institutions and organizations, foreign nationals.
- Checks are collected in all branches when they are presented to the bank,
- Real time commission-free money transfer to the account in all branches,
- A special branch may be assigned (upon the customer’s request) to display and receive the bank statements,
- JAAM statements may be received from any of the bank’s branches,
- Any type of checks and instruments could be deposited to the account in all branches,
- Notice of Dishonored Checks may be received from any branches of the bank,
- The bank may be instructed to stop the clearing of checks in all branches,
- Group transfer of funds to the account (real time deposit of salary, bonuses, etc. of the employees of different institutions) is available at all branches nationwide,
- The issuance of an Integrated Mellat Card (Access Card) may be requested at all branches of the bank nationwide,
- Access to the account via Mellat Access Card,
- The name and ID code of the depositor may be inserted in the clients’ statements,
- Confirming the amounts of checks written,

Client’s ID Code: 

ID Code is a number allocated to the depositor upon the request of the account holder to identify the depositor. The number is recorded in the clients’ bank statements at the time of money deposit, 

Special Services of Mellat Electronic Current Account (JAAM)

Without needing to refer to the branches, holders of Mellat Electronic Current Accounts can have round-the-clock access to the following services via Mellat Internet Banking Portals, Mellat Telephone Banking System, Mellat Mobile Banking System and Mellat SMS Banking System:

Telephone Banking 

Mellat Telephone Bank offers the following serives:

- Announces the balance and the last three movements of the accounts,
- You may inquire the status of your checks, 
- Bank statements may be sent via Fax
- You can change your password,
- All bills may be paid throughout the country,
- Unlimited money transfer (only to other accounts of the client)
- Card services (announcing the balance of the card, the last three movements of the card, inactivating the card, inactivating the connection between Mellat Card and JAAM account, sending facsimiles with the last 30 movements of Mellat Access Card, payment of bills via Mellat Access Card)
- Request for issuing a 25 sheet checkbook,
- Inquiring the status of participation bonds,
- Confirming the amount of check,
- Cancelling the confirmation of the amount of check,
- Reporting the debit balance of loans,
- Repayment of the outstanding balance of loans, 
- Sending loan debit statements via fax,
- Inactivating online money transfer,
- Inactivating mobile banking system,
- Announcing the interest rates paid to deposits,
- Creating IBAN,

Mellat Mobile Banking System 

- Account balance reports,
- Reporting the last three movements,
- Payment of all bills throughout the country,
- Money transfer to other Mellat Bank accounts and card-to-card money transfer
- Confirming the amount of check,
- Inquiring the status of checks,
- Inactivating the card
- Viewing information on Mellat Access Card,
- Mobile recharging services, 
- Reporting the last three mobile recharge cards purchased,
- Creating IBAN, 
- Filing the messages received,
- Changing mobile banking system password (up to 8 figures)

SMS services 

Mellat Bank SMS System, with the number 200033, provides the following services for our dear clients:
1. Morning balance reports (only for owners of current accounts),
2. Announcing the specifications of dishonored checks (dishonored a day past),
3. Reporting the balance and the last three movements of the account (11_Account Number_ Password),
4. Announcing individual movements of the account (21_Account Number_ Password-Instrument’s Serial Number),
5. All bills could be paid throughout the country,
6. Changing the password


- Viewing the balance and movement of the account (up to 30 movements),
- Receiving the statement electronic file (up to 200 movements in four different forms),
- Activating/inactivating electronic banking services (including internet, Bank SMS, Telephone Banking System, and Mobile Banking System),
- Observing the information of the account,
- Internet money transfer (ordinary transfer up to Rls. 50,000,000, with Token up to Rls. 2,000,000,000, without restriction to other accounts of the client),
- Internet money transfer to accounts of legal entities and joint accounts,
- SATNA interbank money transfer: ordinary transfer up to Rls. 50,000,000, and with Token up to Rls. 2,000,000,000
- Group money transfer: possibility to prepare an electronic file for group money transfers up to 999 records, each record up to Rls. 2,000,000,000, only through Token,
- Regular money transfer (up to Rls. 50,000,000 per day from each account),
- SAHABI (Card-to-Card) money transfer (money transfer from Mellat Bank smart cards to the smart cards of SHETAB (integrated banking system) member banks up to Rls. 30,000,000 per day),
- Internet money transfer report,
- Regular money transfer report,
- Group money transfer report (general and detailed information of group money transfers),
- SAHABI money transfer report,
- Payment of all bills throughout the country, 
- Report on bills paid (up to 25 bills paid by the date specified by the client),
- Credit SIM Card Recharging (Hamrah Avval, Irancell, and Espadan),
- Reporting the last three movements of credit SIM card recharge vouchers purchased,
- Confirming the amount of check,
- Inquiring the status of checks,
- Viewing the status of checkbooks,
- Providing the balance for dishonored checks,
- Reporting the dishonored checks, paid
- Reporting the clearing bank’s checks
- Applying for issuance of Mellat Access Card,
- Viewing the Card Access Data, 
- Inactivating the card,
- Requesting the change of Mellat Access Card Password,
- Requesting the connection or disconnection with subaccounts,
- Viewing the data of facilities received (contract number, type of facilities, status of facilities, amount granted, the granting branch, interest/ commission rates),
- Viewing the outstanding balance of loans,
- Repayment of loan installments,
- Statement of loans,
- Reporting the loan notices,
- Reporting the indirect obligations (breakdown of loan bonds of other clients),
- Viewing the movement of credit card ( the last 5, 10 and 30 movements, plus receiving the electronic file of the last 200 records of the card in different formats)
- Viewing the statement of credit card,
- Inactivating the credit card,
- Setting the alarm (SMS, Email) at the time of entering the internet banking website, announcing the maturity date of liability of loans received, announcing the internet money transfer, announcing the interbank money transfer to the accounts of natural and legal persons),
- Opening interest-free/short-term account,
- Opening term deposits (long term and special short-term deposits),
- Assigning a nickname for the account,
- Defining the selected accounts of the money transfer,

Commission on real time Collection of JAAM Check 

There is no need to pay commission for collecting the checks in the opening branch; accordingly in case the checks are presented to other branches (if payments are made cash or Iran Checks), the bank claims a commission as per the tariff prescribed by Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran