Tuesday 21 Jan 2020Fa
Negotiable Banknotes

Negotiable Banknotes

Euro, Great British Pound (GBP), US dollar, Japanese Yen(JPY), Swiss Franc (SFr.), United Arab Emirates Dinar (AED), Saudi Riyal, Canadian Dollars (CAD), Bahrain Dinars, 
Purchasing traveler’s checks,
Purchasing money orders in foreign currencies,
Purchasing the balance of client’s accounts in foreign currencies,
Banknotes up to 5,000 USD or its equivalence in other currencies may be purchased and banknotes and cash deposit to foreign exchange account or its remittance more than 5000-USD ceiling are allowed, provided the provisions of Anti Money Laundry Act are complied with.
Foreign currencies may be purchased in the form of banknotes under a declaration up to the ceiling specified in the declaration.
Purchasing foreign currencies by overseas branches and transfer of related domestic currency for the end beneficiaries in all banks as quickly as possible,

Selling Foreign Currencies

Passenger foreign currency 
Medical treatment foreign currency
Mission duty foreign currency (for governmental and non-governmental missions),
Student’s foreign currency
Study opportunities and other training courses inside and outside of the country (including academic and nonacademic centers, either governmental or private),
Transfer of foreign currency for membership fees and enrollment in international organizations and meetings as well as scientific congresses and the cost of publishing scientific articles (governmental and/or private),
The cost of enrollment in scientific and specialized exams inside and outside of the country and the cost of university admittance fees,

Cost of participation in overseas exhibitions,

Providing foreign currencies needed by exporters of nonoil products and technical and engineering services for purchasing the tender documents and providing the marketing costs, and also merchants and bearers of commercial ID cards for paying the marketing costs

Transfer of salaries of foreign personnel (governmental, nongovernmental, cooperative and private),
Paying the attorney’s fees with respect to foreign litigations,
For principal and interest of foreign investments, 
Foreign tourists,
Cost of dead body transport,
For Rial revenues of the Consulate General Offices of the Embassies
For commissions
For settlement of foreign exchange obligations of exporters, importers and agency offices of the Shipping Companies
Expense of overseas offices (governmental, nongovernmental)
Expense of leasing and sharing information network (Internet, Tele-rate, Reuter, …) (governmental and nongovernmental)
Credit card
Expense of holding international seminars and granting awards in festivals and competitions (governmental and nongovernmental)
Expense of scientific and technical tests, publication of ads overseas and receiving international certificates (standard, quality, etc.) (governmental and nongovernmental)
Expense of movie broadcasting rights and receiving communications satellites,
Expense of living and custody right
Expense of Rial revenues of foreign airlines after conversion to foreign currencies,
Sale of foreign exchange for expenses of fuel, handling and salaries of foreign crew, insurance premium (governmental, nongovernmental),
Sale and transfer of foreign exchange for Islamic Republic of Iran’s Railways and other railway companies,
Sale and transfer of foreign exchange for expenses of Iranian insurance companies,
Sale and transfer of Syrian Lira out of Syrian Lira Settlement Account,
Sale and transfer of foreign exchange for securing the retention money of guarantees issued by the banks in foreign exchange,
Sale of foreign exchange to the selected companies for dispatch to Umra Mufrada Hajj pilgrimage,
Sale and transfer of foreign exchange for conversion of the balance of Rial accounts of nonresident people,
Sale of foreign exchange for opening foreign exchange accounts maximum for 1000 dollars,
Sale of foreign exchange for providing the ticket costs of foreign parties as requested by ministries, organizations, governmental and nongovernmental companies maximum for 10,000 USD and as approved by the Ministry of Finance’s representative or the financial manager and Deputy Office of Administrative and Financial Affairs,