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Ethical Charter

The Ethical CharterBank

Bank Mellat is honored to have devised its ethical charter as the first private bank of the state and the managers and staff took the oath in a congregational meeting.
The charter includes outstanding humane ethical traits which should be observed by the staff in the process of rendering services to the public.
In the oath-taking ceremony all the participants unanimously swore to each and every article of the charter and pledged to remember its principles and always assay their behavior and performance with its touchstone.
Having believed in their responsibility in the great family of the bank, they prayed to the Almighty to help them in better serving people and put all their strength in the daily increasing honor, image and achievements of this intimate organization, which is the result of years of honest work and effort for years.
The introductory phrases of the ethical charter of the staff read as follows:I as one of the staff members of Bank Mellat, above all things thank The Almighty for blessing me with the honor of serving the honorable people of Iran, a way which ends in his satisfaction.
I pray Almighty to help me in getting endowed with the desirable personal and professional attributes in order to realize the targets of the bank; so that I can commit myself to observe the principles of this statement which is extracted from the pivotal values of the bank and represents the ethical charter of the staff.Beyond a doubt, the high profile, credibility, and identity of the bank is due to unrelenting and orchestrated efforts of a set of staff of which some has retired, others are working and the rest are those who will enhance and inherit this credibility.
So, at this juncture, and knowing the value of this invaluable asset, I will try to safeguard the valuable efforts of the predecessors and be a pride for the successors.