Saturday 28 May 2016

Access Card

Magnetic bankcard is for offering around-the-clock and up-to-date services to the holders of focused accounts such as JAM, Electronic Interest-Free Deposit and etc. 


- Place of Using: the Internet environment, shops possessing POS terminals, Bank Mellat Cash Dispensers terminals and other members of SHETAB Banking network in I.R.Iran.
- Access Cards bear standard numbers and are issued by names. 
- The applicant may receive a separate card for each focused account, or vise- versa, a sole card for several focused accounts. 
- The cards shall be issued with different titles and plans (e.g., University Student Card, Student Card, etc.)

UK Supreme Court quashes sanctions on Iranian commercial bank

It was a historic win on a controversial case. In October 2009, the British government - with the approval of parliament - slapped sanctions on an Iranian commercial bank, Bank Mellat. The Bank then took the government to court.
After several failed appeals, it took the case to the highest court of the land - the Supreme Court, which issued a judgment on the issue on Wednesday morning.

Inside the court, judges ruled in favor of Bank Mellat and said the restrictions placed against it must be squashed. They said that the Iranian bank had been singled out, and that the treasury’s actions were neither proportionate nor rational. They also said the treasury should have given Bank Mellat notice before applying the restrictions, something they did not do. If they have the information given to parliament would have been different. They called it a ‘demonstrably unfair procedure”.

The case was controversial because it was the first time the Supreme Court heard evidence in a secret sitting. These controversial behind closed door sessions were introduced in April - and have been slammed by rights groups including Liberty.

Giving their verdict, Supreme Court judges also heavily criticized the secret hearing. They said it had no point - and included no significant information of use.

The Bank Mellat lawyers say that the bank will now claim costs and possibly compensations. They hope the verdict is the start of a new page.

The win in the UK echoes the verdict in a European court that EU sanctions on Bank Mellat are illegal. The EU is, however, appealing that decision.



Mellat Electronic Current Account (known as JAAM “جام in Farsi”) is an interest-free account, and all the checks drawn up on this account, when presented to the bank, are honored at all branches throughout the country in case there is enough fund in the account. All funds deposited add up to the balance of the account at the time of deposit; therefore, the holder of a JAAM account will have quick access to the money upon its deposit.
JAAM services a2vailable to our valued customers nationwide:
- Open accounts for natural (personal or joint) entities, legal entities, state institutions and organizations, foreign nationals.
- Checks are collected in all branches when they are presented to the bank   continue

The Ethical CharterBank

Bank Mellat is honored to have devised its ethical charter as the first private bank of the state and the managers and staff took the oath in a congregational meeting.
The charter includes outstanding humane ethical traits which should be observed by the staff in the process of rendering services to the public.
In the oath-taking ceremony all the participants unanimously swore to each and every article of the charter and pledged to remember its principles and always assay their behavior and performance with its touchstone.
Having believed in their responsibility in the great family of the bank, they prayed to the Almighty to help them in better serving people and put all their strength in the daily increasing honor, image and achievements of this intimate organization continue

A Brief Look at Bank Mellat 

The objective of the bank is rendering bank services throughout Iran and facilitating domestic and foreign commercial affairs and involving in production fields to render services to the economy of Iran. The term of activity of the bank is unlimited and its head office is located in Tehran. The capital of the bank at the beginning of establishment was designated as sum of 33,500 million Rials which at the being it is 40000 billion Rials. The operations of the bank at the onset of its activities were include opening and keeping current and savings account, accepting deposits, granting loans and credits, carrying out foreign currency transactions, performing duties of trusteeship, administration, attorney ship and representation and performing other bank operations and commercial transaction which     were not prohibited by virtue of prevalent laws and regulations of Iran continue