Friday 25 Apr 2014
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The Ethical CharterBank:
Bank Mellat is honored to have devised its ethical charter as the first bank of the state and the managers and staff took the oath in a congregational meeting.
The charter includes outstanding humane ethical traits which should be observed by the staff in the process of rendering services to the public.
In the oath-taking ceremony all the participants unanimously swore to each and every article of the charter and pledged to remember its principles and always assay their behavior and performance with its touchstone.Countinue...


UK Supreme Court quashes sanctions on Iranian commercial bank

  It was a historic win on a controversial case. In October 2009, the British government - with the approval of parliament - slapped sanctions on an Iranian commercial bank, Bank Mellat. The Bank then took the government to court.

After several failed appeals, it took the case to the highest court of the land - the Supreme Court, which issued a judgment on the issue on Wednesday morning. continue...

   As per the contents of Article 1 of Articles of Association of the Bank, approved in the General Assembly of Banks, Bank Mellat started its activity in 1980 by merging of 10 private banks (Dariush, Tehran, Pars, Etebarat Taavoni& Tozie, Iran & Arab, Bein-al-melalie-Iran, Omran, Bimeh-Iran, Tejarat Khareji Iran and Farhangian) and the at the present time it is active enjoying more than 1800 branches all over Iran and other branches in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara in Turkey, Seoul in South Korea, Yerevan in Armenia, London and Dubai (Persia Bank) and a percentage of the Share of  Europaisch-Iranische Handelsbank.

A Brief Look at Bank Mellat
The objective of the bank is rendering bank services throughout Iran and facilitating domestic and foreign commercial affairs and involving in production fields to render services to the economy of Iran.continue ...

Bank Mellat was established on 1979/12/20 by virtue of the resolution dated 1979/9/29 adopted by the General Assembly of Banks and pursuant to the provision of article 17 of the Bill on administering the Banks, with a paid up capital of Rls 33.5 bn as a merger of ten pre-revolution private banks comprising: Tehran, Dariush, Pars, Etebarat Taavoni& Tozie, Iran& Arab, Bein-al-melalie-Iran, Omran, Bimeh Iran, Tejarat Khareji Iran and Farhangian.Continue...

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